At Belcolade, we are experts in chocolate taste, from the Belgian classics to more innovative ones. We only use quality ingredients, such as carefully selected and fermented cocoa beans, pure cocoa butter and natural vanilla, for products of superior quality and unmatched flavor.

In addition to taste, chocolate workability and fluidity are key to make your end products a success. This is why Belcolade has developed a strong expertise in chocolate, patisserie and even bakery applications to offer professionals the right solution, every time.

Quality chocolate for professionals

With our Selection, Origins and Expression chocolate ranges, Belcolade answers the needs of every single professional in the chocolate industry, from the taste quality that will please all consumers to the utmost self-expression and differentiation opportunity. Select the fluidity and chocolate shape that best suit your purposes.


In line with our ambition that 100% of our chocolates are sustainable by 2025, such options are available already for most of our products.  


We also offer a complete range of Health & Well-Being chocolate solutions in line with consumers trends: plant-based, organic, sugar-reduced and much more.

Discover Belcolade chocolate ranges


A complete range of well-balanced dark, milk, amber and white chocolates made to appeal to all of your consumers.

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Single origin chocolates from specific cocoa terroirs, with typical and distinctive flavor profiles.

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Innovative and unmatched chocolate tastes based on fermentation expertise, to support your most unique creations.

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Decorations and inclusions

Chocolate decorations or bakestable chocolate chunks, sticks and grains.

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