At Belcolade, we understand that pralinés can be a crucial ingredient in your recipes. To provide you with the best selection, we have selected PatisFrance that offers a range of praliné products that meet the same high standards for taste expertise, and quality as our chocolate. 

Since 1946, PatisFrance has acquired a French praliné heritage, recognized as a quality guarantee all around the world. All our expertise is located in Charmes, in the North-East of France, where the nuts coming only from the best origins are processed to make unique and innovative pralinés.

It results in a whole assortment that distinguishes itself through its outstanding taste and surprising textures.

A wide pallet of tastes and textures

PatisFrance large range of pralinés boosts creativity of all professionals. From creamy and smooth, to more texturized and even crunchy, they are ideal in chocolaterie, pâtisserie and even bakery applications.


Enjoy the full experience of the authentic French praliné with Pralinés Tradition, meanwhile Pralicrac bring you to a whole new level of sensory experience thanks to the unique crunchy texture. Discover also our Gianduja, the best of Belcolade and PatisFrance, combining both our expertise in chocolate and in nuts.


You can thus rely on PatisFrance when taste and texture make the difference.

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