With the brand-new Belcolade Expression chocolate range, we take taste expertise to the next level of chocolate innovation. Instead of starting from the cocoa ingredients, in order to define the resulting chocolate taste, you imagine a new taste and we make it a chocolate.


Use Belcolade Expression and express your personal and unique sources of inspirations. Make your own creations come alive in a totally new way!

Imagine a taste

Imagine a new taste experience based on specific sources of inspiration, just like in the perfume world for instance. Then let Belcolade chocolate experts design the chocolate which best translates this experience into a completely new chocolate flavor profile offering a unique taste journey.


With Belcolade Expression, our chocolate experts not only define the flavors and their intensity levels, but go one step further by adding the dimension of time. This means we offer chocolates with head notes, heart notes and base notes, just like perfumes. It's a complete journey.


All this is possible thanks to the combination of the best of Belcolade chocolate taste proficiency with the mastering of Cacao-Trace cocoa fermentation and overall fermentation expertise. Cocoa fermentation is a crucial step in chocolate taste expression, as it is the moment when aroma precursors are developing. With our expertise in fermentation and affinity with taste innovation, Belcolade creates new ways to express new chocolate taste journeys.

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