The Belcolade Origins range is an invitation to go back to the roots of taste. With these single origin chocolates, take chocolate lovers on a journey to the terroirs of the different regions in which cocoa beans are cultivated.


With Belcolade Origins chocolates, bring a characteristic, connoisseur's tasting experience to your chocolate applications. Let consumers embark on this journey to the roots of taste with you.

Back to the Roots of Taste

Our cocoa experts go to the ends of the Earth to discover the cocoa beans that best embody their specific and rare terroirs, with distinctive characteristics.


Explore the countryside of the Caribbean, South America, Africa, parts of Asia and Oceania and more. The terroirs of these regions are about so much more than just the soil and bean variety. 


When combined with local and authentic farming techniques, and the optimal Cacao-Trace cocoa fermentation & drying standards, the outcome is cocoa beans packed with an extraordinary natural depth of flavor.


At Belcolade, the mission of our chocolate experts is to preserve the uniqueness and richness of these cocoa beans. We develop the chocolate recipes and adapt the process methods in order to best enhance their natural distinctive flavor notes. The result is a full range of single-origin dark and milk chocolates that are all unique and take you back to the roots of taste. 

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