Belcolade boasts an extensive range of chocolate products meticulously crafted for professionals, by professionals. These creations emerge from collaborative efforts, crafted in partnership with chocolatiers, pastry chefs and bakers who remain attuned to the latest consumer trends.

According to the 2023 Taste Tomorrow study, taste remains the first criterion for chocolate consumers when making purchasing decisions. At Belcolade, we invite you to join a journey of chocolate innovation and taste excellence!

Our reputation as an industry innovator is built on creative solutions and cutting-edge technologies that yield unique flavors and high-quality Belgian chocolate. We meticulously fine-tune the key factors influencing chocolate taste: cocoa terroir, cocoa processing, chocolate recipes, and chocolate-making process.

This enables us to offer unparalleled expertise across a spectrum of chocolate flavors, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of customers and consumers. From the timeless Belgian classic to the boldest innovations, Belcolade is your partner in chocolate excellence.

The Belgian taste classics

Belgian chocolate holds a distinctive place in consumers' hearts as a symbol of quality. To please all palates and provide this guarantee of well-balanced taste to our customers, whichever their end chocolate-based application, Belcolade presents the SELECTION category offering a wide array of well-balanced dark, milk, amber, and white chocolates, of various tastes, fluidities, and formats to suit every chocolate-based application.

Single-origin chocolate to go back to the roots of taste

Our taste expertise shines as we safeguard the distinct aromatic characteristics of cocoa terroirs through meticulous fermentation, sun-drying, and gentle bean roasting. With precise chocolate recipes and particular processing, ORIGINS introduces customers to unique and unmistakable single-origin chocolates. Each chocolate has a compelling narrative and distinct flavor profiles that consumers are eager to explore.

Exploring new tastes

Building on our distinctive fermentation expertise, which extends beyond cocoa to other ingredients, Belcolade pioneers novel chocolate flavors that transcend conventional cocoa and processes. Through EXPRESSION, we unveil extraordinary taste journeys, offering a realm of innovative and unmatched chocolate possibilities to support your most unique creations.

When taste expertise meets chocolate sustainability

This 2023 Taste Tomorrow study also highlights that while taste remains the primary purchasing criterion for consumers, the sustainability of the chocolate is a key differentiating factor for their purchase with 68% of respondents interested in food products coming from sustainable farming methods. Belcolade's expansion is driven by its steadfast commitment to sustainability to ensure that chocolatiers, pâtissiers, and bakers have access to exceptional chocolate choices that mirror their values and their customers’ ones.


“Belcolade combines sensory expertise and sustainability to craft quality products that drive our customers' success while securing a sustainable future for generations to come," remarks Youri Dumont, Director of the Chocolate Business Unit for Belcolade. "The Cacao-Trace Sustainable Cocoa Program is a testament to our commitment to taste and sustainability. Our Cacao-Trace chocolate takes taste to a whole new level of excellence thanks to a unique fermentation process that guarantees the best cocoa quality and enhances the flavors of every chocolate drop.”

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