Easter Egg Advocaat


  1. Advocaat
  2. Advocaat Ganache


Egg Yolks 100 g
Sugar 175 g
Concentrated Milk 175 g
Pure Alcohol 96° 50 g
Cointreau 60° 25 g


Mix everything together and heat up “Au bain Marie” till 80°C.
ATTENTION: never directly above fire , always electric heating with “Au bain Marie”
Let the advocaat cool down, and store it in a closed container.

Advocaat Ganache

Home made advocaat 400 g
Belcolade Blanc Intense, X156/G 150 g
Concentrated butter 50 g
Belcolade Lait Selection, O3X5/G or J QS


Temper the Blanc Intense and add to the advocaat (30°C).Mix in the concentrated butter with a blender. Pipe the filling in small hollow chocolate easter eggs made with Belcolade Lait Selection. Let the ganache crystalize for 12 hours. Close the eggs with tempered Belcolade Lait Selection and glue both halves together. Let it set for 1 hour before demoulding.