Our experts travel the world for the finest cocoa beans and the best processes, crafting unique single-origin chocolates. With Belcolade Origins chocolates, bring a characteristic, connoisseur’s tasting experience to your chocolate-based applications. Discover our new Origins products and let consumers embark on this journey to the roots of taste with you. 

Embark on a journey to the origins of taste with our new Origins products

Discover the Majestic Tropical Bouquet: Noir Philippines 68% Cacao-Trace Dark Chocolate

Experience the essence of the Philippines with this unique and distinctive chocolate. Indulge in a delightful blend of tropical fruit flavors like pineapple, banana, and passion fruit, complemented by red and dried fruits. Elevate your taste buds with fresh grassy and floral notes, and a touch of pepper.

Indulge in the Uniqueness of a white single-origin: Blanc Papua New Guinea 36% Cacao-Trace White Chocolate 

Made with local vanilla cultivated in Papua New Guinea, this unique single-origin white chocolate embodies exceptional qualities from Papua New Guinea's soil. Indulge in the exceptional single-origin white chocolate crafted with Papua New Guinea vanilla, revealing rich notes of coumarin, peach, and balsamic. Its intricate flavor blends harmoniously with intense cooked milk and buttery accents. Soft undertones of almond and anise complete this truly unique and delightful taste experience. This chocolate is based on Cacao-Trace Papua New Guinea cocoa butter for a unique white chocolate experience!

Introducing Lait Cameroon 45% Cacao-Trace Milk Chocolate: Embrace Deep and Intense Cocoa Notes

Experience Deep & Intense Cocoa Notes. Born in the heart of Cameroon, this milk chocolate showcases the vibrant cocoa flavors of the region's typical red Trinitario beans, discerned as one of the exclusive Fine Flavor cocoas by ICCO. Thanks to Cacao-Trace-controlled fermentation, it offers a delightful balance of roasted cocoa, cooked milk, and dried fruit notes.

Perfect the taste of your chocolate-based recipes with "Les Arômes de Cyrano"

Embark on a journey through a delightful spectrum of flavors that transcend the ordinary notions of sweet or bitter. Our team of Sensory experts meticulously examines every cocoa bean and chocolate variant, skillfully revealing their distinctive flavor profiles. This unique essence is further enhanced through a meticulous process, including cocoa fermentation and sun-drying, chocolate refining, and conching. Working in perfect harmony, our Technical Advisors collaborate closely with our Sensory experts to craft chocolates of unparalleled quality, guaranteeing exceptional workability for professionals like you.

Explore diverse chocolates representing the spirit of each origin, creating sweet memories with distinct flavor combinations. Elevate your chocolate-based creations with "Les Arômes de Cyrano," our Sensory Map, a perfect tool for professionals that creates a clear and common understanding of each aroma. Clustered into eight flavor categories, this map unveils the distinct taste profiles of our unique and diverse chocolates, representing the spirit of each origin. With a clear understanding of each aroma, you can craft innovative and unforgettable culinary masterpieces, selecting complementary ingredients that make your creations truly exceptional. Discover the enchantment of diverse and unique chocolate at Belcolade Origins!

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