Autumn leaf


This application is made using 3 recipes:

  1. Coconut Crumble
  2. Sweet Almond Coconut Praline
  3. Selected Quality Dark Chocolate Garnish

Coconut crumble

Butter 270 g
Caster sugar 300 g
PatisFrance Poudre d’amandes blanches 150 g
PatisFrance Coco Rapé fine - roasted 200 g
Flour 360 g
Cold water 30-40 g


With the exception of the cold water, mix all the other ingredients in a mixer fitted with a sheet.
Once the mixture becomes grainy, add the cold water to bind.
Roll out the dough to a thickness of 3 mm between two sheets of paper and keep in a cool place (+4 °C).
Once the dough has been well chilled, cut out leaf shapes using a pastry cutter.
Place the biscuits on a tray covered with a sheet of silpan and cook at a temperature of 160 °C until golden brown.
Remove and store in a cool dry place.

Sweet almond coconut praline

PatisFrance Praliné Amande doux 300 g
Belcolade Lait Selection, O3X5/J or G 150 g
Belcolade PPP Cocoa butter 12 g
PatisFrance Coco Rapé fine - roasted 80 g


Mix together all the ingredients and bring them to a temperature of 24°C.
Once the praline mixture is nice and creamy, use it to sandwich together two coconut crumble biscuits.
Cover the top of the biscuit with a layer of praline and decorate with a leaf of chocolate the same shape coloured orangey-red.
Crystallize the whole preparation at 16 °C and store in a dry air-tight container at a temperature of 18 °C.