April fool sardine


  1. Chocolate sardine
  2. Gianduja with Yuzu

Chocolate sardine

Belcolade Noir Selection C501/J QS
Belcolade Lait Selection O3X5/G or J QS


Make small, 9 cm long sardines using a fish-shaped stencil 2 mm thick in tempered Belcolade Noir Selection chocolate.
Once they have crystallised, enrobe half of them with tempered Belcolade Lait Selection and make wavelets on them with the bellows of the enrobing machine.
Leave them to crystallise and keep at 16°C.

Gianduja with Yuzu

PatisFrance Gianduja 300 g
Yuzu powder 10 g


Soften the Gianduja to a paste and add the Yuzu powder. Leave the preparation to crystallise at 16°C for 24 hours at an average humidity rate below 60%.


Apply the silvery glitter powder with a flexible brush.
Make the eyes with dark and blue coloured white chocolate.