Vietnam Ganache


  • Vietnam ganache
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Vietnam Ganache (for a 27 x 37 cm frame)

Caster sugar 120 g
35% fresh cream 375 g
Invert sugar 60 g
Sorbitol 45 g
Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73 450 g
Dry butter 60 g
Belcolade Noir Selection, C501/J QS

Ginger Vietnam Ganache
Grated ginger
to be infused in the cream 30 g

Lemongrass Vietnam Ganache
to be infused in the cream 90 g


Cook 120 g of caster sugar dry until it turns to caramel and lower the temperature with pre-heated cream.
(In the case of ginger and lemongrass ganache, rectify the weight of the liquid after infusion so as to avoid weight loss).
Add the sorbitol and invert sugar and heat up again to 85°C.
Pour on the Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73 and smoothen the whole.
When the ganache is between 35 and 38°C, add the butter and finish the mix until well blended.
Pour the ganache at 32°C in a 1 cm thick frame previously covered with Belcolade Noir Selection.
Leave to crystallise for 24 hours in a room at 16 to 18 °C and an average humidity rate below 60 %.
Make a second stencil on the ganache and cut squares of 2 cm on each side with a wire slicer.
Coat with Belcolade Noir Selection and finish with a transfer of cocoa butter coloured according to the flavour of the ganache: black for the 100% ganache, yellow for the ginger ganache and green for the lemongrass ganache.
Leave to crystallise at least 12 hours before withdrawing the transfer.
Store in a room at 16 to 18 °C and an average humidity rate below 60 %.