Tarte Oriental


This application is made up using 4 recipes

  1. Hazelnut Crumble
  2. 4 Fruits Cremeux
  3. Grenada Jasmin Tea Mousse
  4. Chocolate Velvet Spray

1. Hazelnoot Crumble

Butter - 150 gr
Sugar - 150 gr
PatisFrance Noisettes Brutes Poudre - 150 gr
Flour - 150 gr

Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter - 50 gr
Belcolade Praliné Hazelnut - 100 gr
Belcolade Lait Selection O3x5/J - 60 gr


Mix the first 4 first ingredients with a flat beater. Pass through a sieve with big holes and places in the freezer (-20°C).
When the crumble is cold, place on a baking tray and bake in a deck oven at 170°C. Let them cool down.

Mix 300g crumble with the Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter, Belcolade Praliné Hazelnut and tempered Belcolade Lait Selection O3x5/J. Pour it immediately in a circle of 1cm height.
Place it in the freezer (-20°C). Don’t take it out before using.

2. Cremeux van 4 vruchten

Fresh Orange Juice - 50 gr
PatisFrance Starfruit Bananes - 50 gr
PatisFrance Starfruit Mangue - 50 gr
PatisFrance Starfruit Fruit de la Passion - 50 gr
Sugar - 200 gr
Whole Eggs - 200 gr
Butter - 200 gr


Mix the fresh orange juice and the fruit purees together with the sugar and the whole eggs. Boil the mixture in a pan with a wisk. Sieve everything and cover it with a cling film. Once the mixture reaches 36°C, add the butter and mix by hand. Place it in the fridge (+4°C)

3. Grenada Jasmijn Thee

Jasmin Tea - Earl Grey - 20 g
Water - 50 g
Fresh Cream 35% - 200 g
Belcolade Origins Grenada 67 - 100 g
Belcolade Lait Selection O3x5/J - 100 g
Whipped Fresh Cream 35% - 200 g


Let the jasmin tea soak in the water for 8 hours. Put it in the fridge (+4°C). Heat up the cream and add the pre-soaked jasmin tea. Cover with cling film for 10 min. Sieve the cream and pour onto the Belcolade Origins Grenada 67 and Belcolade Lait Selection O3x5/J . Mix to make the ganache homogeneous. When the ganache reaches a temperature of 40°C, add the whipped cream and mix with a spatula. Pour in the mould and freeze. (-20°)

4. Chocolade Spray

Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter 200 g
Belcolade Lait Selection O3X5/J 200 g


Melt the Belcolade Lait Selection O3X5/J and Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter together and mix. Use at 35°C. Final Assembly Take the Grenada Jasmin Tea Mousse from the freezer and pipe a layer of the 4 fruits Cremeux on the bottom. Stick the crumble to it and let it set for 10 min in the freezer before de-moulding the mousse. Spray the Chocolate Velvet Spray over the mousse.