1. Tamarind baba
  2. Grapefruit syrup
  3. Siphon mousse Vietnam
  4. Salty peanuts crumble

Tamarind baba

Flour 250 g
Fresh yeast 10 g
Whole eggs 140 g
Full fat milk 130 g
Tamarind paste 50 g
Pink Grapefruit zest 1/2
Sugar 10 g
Salt 2 g
Hazelnut butter 50 g


Melt the butter and reserve it.
Blend the milk with tamarind paste.
Mix together flour, whole eggs, pink grapefruit, sugar, salt and 50% of the milk during 5 min in 1st speed.
Add the rest of the milk and yeast, and then mix 10 min in 2nd speed.
At the end, add the cold melted butter and finish mixing.
Let proof covered with plastic, during 10-15 min approximately, mould it and let proof again before baking at 180°C during 20-25 min.
Reserve in dry storage to let dry completely.

Grapefruit syrup

Water 600 g
Pink Grapefruit fresh juice 1 piece
Zest 1 piece
Sugar 400 g


Boil all together, dispose baba inside until they are completely soaked and soft. Drain them on top of a grid.

Siphon mousse Vietnam

Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73 110 g
Fresh cream 35% 200 g
Full fat milk 90 g


Realize a ganache, with cream and chocolate.
Add the milk and let cool down. Put in the siphon with 3 cartridges of gas. Shake it well.

Salty Peanuts crumble

Salty roasted peanuts 60 g
PatisFrance Amandes Blanchies Poudre 40 g
Sugar 100 g
Flour 100 g
Butter 80 g


Blend peanuts to obtain powder.
Mix with the rest of the ingredients until you obtain a sandy texture.
Sprinkle on a baking tray and bake at 160°C during 10-15 min, open damper.