Toffee Drink


This application is made up using one recipe

  1. Toffee Ganache

1. Toffee Ganache

Fresh Cream 35% - 110 gr
Whole Milk - 200 gr
Coffee Grains - 20 gr
Belcolade Origins Costa Rica 64 - 145 gr
Belcolade Lait Caramel - 180 gr
Soluble Coffee - 5 gr

Additional ingredients needed
Whole Milk 250 ml


Bring the fresh cream, whole milk, soluble coffee and coffee grains together to boil till 85°C . Pass through a sieve and pour onto the Belcolade Lait Caramel and Belcolade Origins Costa Rica 64. Mix well with a hand mixer to make it homogeneous. Pour into a flexible round shape mould of 25g each and freeze.
Take it out of the freezer and put 8 pieces of 25g into the 250g of whole milk and mix well. Serve directly into a shot glass.