Mandara entremets


  1. Crémeux mandarine / lemon
  2. Chocolate dacquoise
  3. Chocolate mousse
  4. Chocolate glaze


Recipe 1 

PatisFrance Starfruit Mandarine 280 g
PatisFrance Starfruit Citron 120 g
Sugar 80 g
Egg Yolk 120 g
Belcolade Lait Selection 430 g
Belcolade Pure Prime Pressed Cacao Butter 60 g


  1. Heat up the fruits, egg yolk and sugar until 85°C.
  2. Pour the englich cream onto the chocolate and cocoa butter then mix.
  3. Pour into the silicone moulds and freeze.

Recipe 2 

Egg white 270 g
Egg white in powder 7 g
Sugar 180 g
Almond powder 240 g
Icing Sugar 185 g
Flour 30 g
Cornstarch 30 g
Belcolade Noir Supreme 180 g


  1. Whip the egg whites, egg white powder and sugar.
  2. Mix all other ingredients together in a blender.
  3. Sieve these last ingredients.
  4. Mix both compositions together with a spatula.
  5. Pipe circles onto a baking tray.
  6. Sprinkle icing sugar over top.
  7. Bake at 200°C about 12 minutes.

Recipe 3 

Milk 210 g
Fresh Cream 35% 210 g
Egg Yolk 80 g
Belcolade Noir Supreme 320 g
Whipped Cream 35% 600 g
Lime zest 10 g


  1. Boil the milk and cream.
  2. Pour onto the egg yolks.
  3. Heat the mixture until 85°C.
  4. Add lime zest and mix
  5. Pour that English cream on top of the chocolate drops.
  6. Mix to obtain an emulsion.
  7. Make that ganache reach 35°C, then add the semi whipped cream.

Recipe 4

Milk 300 g
Glucose 450 g
Belcolade Lait Selection 950 g
Gelatine 26 g
Puratos Miroir L’originale Neutral 1000 g
Orange color in powder 3 g


  1. Boil the milk and glucose together.
  2. Pour onto the Belcolade Lait Selection and mix.
  3. Add the soaked and melted gelatine.
  4. Add the Miroir Neutral and mix again.
  5. Add the orange color and mix with a mixer.
  6. Leave to crystalize for 12 hours at room temperature
  7. Heat up to 38°C mix and use.