Puratos and Belcolade celebrate 25 years of expertise in superior tasting Belgian chocolate

November 2013 – 25 years ago, Puratos introduced a new brand to the professional chocolate market: Belcolade. Since then, Belcolade has become synonymous for superior tasting real Belgian chocolate and the trusted chocolate supplier for thousands of chocolate professionals around the world.

Back in the Eighties, when many of Belgium’s large flagship chocolate companies were taken over by foreign groups, Puratos decided to protect one of the most precious elements of Belgium's culinary heritage: real Belgian chocolate. As a result, in 1988, Puratos launched a new brand offering the finest quality chocolate produced exclusively in Belgium – in Erembodegem, west of the Belgian capital. The new brand was Belcolade – actually more than just a new brand but rather the culmination of a collective passion for the great taste of real Belgian chocolate.

Over the last 25 years, Belcolade has become known and respected for its superior taste and quality, and as a result, it is used by thousands of chocolate professionals around the world.

Mr. Eddy Van Belle, Chairman of the Board of Puratos Group and one of the driving forces behind Belcolade, comments: “Belcolade stands for real Belgian chocolate, which is a unique combination of taste, processing and creativity, all produced in Belgium with the greatest respect for the chocolate making tradition and with an everlasting passion for the product. Over the last 25 years, I have seen Belcolade grow into the global player it is today, and I am convinced that our continued investments and innovations will see Belcolade grow even further in the future.”

At the heart of Belcolade’s innovation process lies the Chocolate Centre, a centre of expertise, where new products are developed, recipes are tested and knowledge is exchanged between chocolate professionals from around the world.

An extensive product portfolio

The Belcolade product portfolio includes Belcolade Selection, a wide range of top-quality chocolates with different tastes and different viscosities for a great variety of applications. In addition, there is the exclusive Belcolade Origins range, a selection of single origin chocolates from around the world, each offering the ultimate experience of real Belgian chocolate. This collection comprises very specific flavour profiles that have been carefully mapped via Les Arômes de Cyrano, a sensory analysis tool developed by Belcolade to describe the unique characteristics of single origin chocolates.

On top of that, Belcolade can develop specific flavours according to individual requirements, which results in a unique and unlimited variety of flavours designed to inspire and to support the world's best chocolatiers, bakers and pastry chefs.

Today, consumers are also attaching increasingly more importance to authenticity and sustainability. That is why the Belcolade also offers a range of 100% organic chocolates and a sustainable range with FairtradeTM, Rainforest AllianceTM and UTZTM certifications.

To guarantee the very best quality, all Belcolade chocolates are made with 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla.

25 years, 25 flavours

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Belcolade has produced a unique tasting box based on the tree of life, which will be distributed amongst customers around the globe. For 25 days, you can discover one unique Belcolade chocolate per day. This tasting box is accompanied by an anniversary recipe booklet, with one praline and one patisserie recipe per chocolate. The highlight is the 25th and last chocolate: an exclusive Vietnam single origin chocolate, which is currently still under development. The cocoa used to produce this chocolate recently won an International Cocoa Award at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

For more information, visit the new Belcolade website at www.belcolade.com

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