Early Orgins

The earliest origins of chocolate extend back to the Mayans and Aztecs in South America. They were the first to brew a kind of chocolate drink, which they regarded as a divine drink with mystical properties. The Spanish Conquistadors brought the chocolate drink to continental Europe and adapted it to their taste. It captured the hearts and palates of the Spanish and French royal courts and before long, the rest of Europe was under the spell of chocolate as well.

However, it was only much later that the first chocolate bar appeared. A major milestone in the history of chocolate. In 1674, the London shop Coffee Mill & Tabasco Roll took the first steps in that direction, presenting the first Spanish style "chocolate sausage”. In 1830, the Swiss Charles-Amédée Kohler mixed hazelnut with chocolate for the first time, still produced in the form of a drink. 17 years later, the first chocolate bar saw the light of day in England.

A second milestone was achieved in 1875 with the creation of milk chocolate. Henri Nestlé had just invented condensed milk, which enabled Daniel Peter, a Swiss national like Kohler, to develop the recipe for milk chocolate.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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