The organic Trinitario beans, perfectly fermented according to the Cacao-Trace standards, finally unveil their very true and absolutely stunning flavor profile in this unique and distinctive sustainable and organic dark chocolate.

Key properties:

  • Single-origin chocolate
  • Superior-tasting Belgian chocolate
  • 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla
  • Dry cocoa solids: 80%
  • Cacao-Trace sustainability program
  • Organic certified
  • Standard fluidity, for a wide range of applications
  • Clean label: no lecithin

Rich and flavorful cocoa intensity from Uganda

A rich tapestry of landscapes, bursting with colorful wildlife – Uganda is where everything grows, perfect for producing a powerful cocoa.


The Pearl of Africa’s dark mineral soil expresses in this robust yet complex cocoa.

New, 100% recycle-ready packaging

At Belcolade, we take concrete actions to enhance sustainability in the chocolate industry.
In line with our purpose, we will make all packaging materials fully recyclable by 2025.
This new, 100% recycle-ready packaging, is a big step to moving the planet forward, alongside our customers.

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Flavor profile

Product of the rich, mineral soil of the Bundibugyo region and the craftsmanship of local organic farmers, this 80% dark chocolate offers a deep and long-lasting roasted cocoa intensity.

Cacao-Trace guaranteed, this robust cocoa flavor comes delicately enriched by delightful fresh citrusy & dried fruit notes, while unveiling subtle earthy notes of humus and loam.


For an optimal taste experience, please follow the below instructions:

Tempering indications

  • Ambient: 16-20°C / 61-68°F
  • Melting: 50-55°C / 122-131°F
  • Cooling: 28°C / 82.4°F
  • Working: 29-30,5°C / 84.2-86.9°F

Advised storage conditions

Store in a dry place. R.H.: max 60%. Between 16 and 20°C.

Your advantages

  • Unique and distinctive flavor for a better differentiation of your finished products
  • Cacao-Trace certified
  • Belgian chocolate

Your consumer advantages

  • Intense chocolate taste
  • Sustainable: helps provide a better life for cocoa farmers and their families
  • Belgian chocolate
  • Organic

Cacao-Trace guarantee.

Cacao-Trace is our long-term commitment to a prosperous cocoa chain. We create value with superior tasting chocolate through working hand in hand with selected Cacao-Trace cocoa farmer communities in order to achieve superior quality beans and mastering cocoa fermentation in local post-harvest centers. This results in a concrete life-changing impact for cocoa farmers, increasing their revenue as well as improving their overall living conditions.

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