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For a 27 x 37 cm frame, 1 cm thick

  • Belcolade Origins Noir Philippines 68% Cacao-Trace dark chocolate ganache 
  • Finished with a dusting of Belcolade Cocoa Powder Cacao-Trace 
Nama Chocolate


1 NAMA Chocolate
  • Fresh cream (35% fat) 160 g
  • Whole milk 160 g
  • Glucose 20 g
  • Butter 40 g

• Mix together the milk, fresh cream, glucose, and sorbitol, and heat to 85°C.

• Pour the hot mixture over the dark and milk chocolates.

• Mix until fully combined.

• Once the mixture has cooled to between 35 and 38°C, add the butter and finish mixing using a hand mixer until completely smooth.

• Pour the ganache into a non-templated frame and leave to crystallize at 16°C and 60% humidity for 24 hours.

• Dust both sides of the ganache with Belcolade Cocoa Powder Cacao-Trace and cut into 2.5 cm squares.

• Store the NAMA chocolates in a cool place 

Created by Stéphane Leroux

NAMA chocolates, that emblematic Japanese recipe. This delicious uncoated ganache, with its inimitable melt-in-your-mouth texture and short shelf life, pairs perfectly with our Origins Philippines chocolate. The addition of Selection milk chocolate helps tone down the acidity of the characterful Origins chocolate. For a better tasting experience, it is best to store the NAMA chocolates in a cool place.

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