An intimate blend of hazelnuts, almonds and sugar to obtain a grany texture and balanced flavors between almonds and hazelnuts.

Key features:

  • Artisanal recipe, made in France, in our factory at the heart of the Vosges region
  • Made with 55% roasted dried fruits (37% almonds and 18% hazelnuts)
  • Ideal for your chocolates, desserts, macaroons, choux pastries, ...

An experience 100% French

Since 1946, we have acquired, in Charmes in north west of France, the know-how in processing nuts and making pralinés.

The selection of high-quality nuts, control over manufacturing processes, numerous on-line inspection points and the human expertise of the teams guarantee a constant optimum quality.

Flavor profile

Traditional praliné made with 55% of roasted almonds and hazelnuts, with a powerful taste.


For an optimal taste experience, please follow the below instructions:

Advised storage conditions

Dry and cool (5 –20°C,RH= max. 65%)

Your advantages

  • Traditional recipe: cooked in a copper basin and ground with a granite stone
  • Only with rigorously selected dried fruits and sugar
  • Product made in France in our factory in Charmes

Your consumer advantages

  • Strong taste
  • Subtle and granular texture

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