Ready-to-use crispy filling with a delicious taste of Cacao-Trace certified milk chocolate.

Key features:

  • Filling made with more than 30% of almond and hazelnut praliné
  • Made with almonds pure fruit of the almond tree and hazelnuts pure fruit of the hazelnut tree
  • Contains real Belgian Cacao-Trace certified milk chocolate
  • A unique crispy texture thanks to pieces of crepes and milk chocolate chunks
  • Clean(er) label: free from palm-oil, preservative, artificial aroma and coloring

A crispy filling with a praliné base and some delicious inclusions

Developed thanks to our know-how in dried fruits and pralines and manufactured in France in our factory in the heart of the Vosges, these ever more innovative solutions not only provide crunchiness but also originality to each of your creations!

Flavor profile

Ready-to-use crispy filling with a delicious taste of Cacao-Trace certified milk chocolate.


For an optimal taste experience, please follow the below instructions:

Advised storage conditions

20°C max

Your advantages

  • Ready and easy-to-use
  • Endless source of inspiration and creativity
  • A wide diversity of applications: bases of deserts, logs, biscuits, garnishing for chocolate bonbons, …

Your consumer advantages

  • The promise of a delicious taste and a greedy texture
  • A product free from palm-oil, artificial aroma and coloring

Cacao-Trace guarantee.

Cacao-Trace is our long-term commitment to a prosperous cocoa chain. We create value with superior tasting chocolate through working hand in hand with selected Cacao-Trace cocoa farmer communities in order to achieve superior quality beans and mastering cocoa fermentation in local post-harvest centers. This results in a concrete life-changing impact for cocoa farmers, increasing their revenue as well as improving their overall living conditions.

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