A perfectly balanced, sweet and round milk chocolate with a touch of butter flavor made from 32% cocoa. Famous for its versatility, this sustainable chocolate guarantees great tasting results for your patisserie and chocolate applications.

Key features:

  • Belgian chocolate
  • Balanced milk chocolate taste
  • 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla
  • Great workability and versatility of use

Belcolade Selection, Belgian Taste Classics

Consumers worldwide acknowledge Belgian chocolate to be a guarantee of taste and quality. Building on our unique Belgian chocolate heritage and expertise, Belcolade Selection chocolates are all about the best Belgian taste classics in the shape and fluidity that best match the needs of your applications.

New, 100% recycle-ready packaging

At Belcolade, we take concrete actions to enhance sustainability in the chocolate industry.
In line with our purpose, we will make all packaging materials fully recyclable by 2025.
This new, 100% recycle-ready packaging, is a big step to moving the planet forward, alongside our customers.

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Flavor profile

Sweet and round milk chocolate with a touch of butter flavor made from 32% cocoa.


For an optimal taste experience, please follow the below instructions:

Tempering indications

  • Ambient: 16-20°C / 61-68°F
  • Melting: 43-45°C / 109.4-113°F
  • Cooling: 27°C / 80.6°F
  • Working: 29-30,5°C / 84.2-86.9°F

Advised storage conditions

Store in a dry place. R.H.: max 60%. Between 16 and 20°C.

Your advantages

  • Balanced chocolate taste suited for various applications
  • Belgian chocolate guarantee
  • Great workability and application versatility

Your consumer advantages

  • Balanced milk chocolate taste
  • Belgian chocolate quality

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