At Belcolade, our relentless pursuit of chocolate innovation is fueled by the desire to create standout tastes that inspire our customers. Enter our Expression range—a realm where taste transcends creation; it's an imaginative journey. Combining our sensory expertise with Cacao-Trace's fermentation mastery births a chocolate experience that redefines creativity with every bite.

Imagine a new taste with Belcolade Expression So'Choc

The Expression of a Unique Taste Journey

With Belcolade Expression So’Choc, our chocolate experts not only define the flavors and their intensity levels but go one step further by adding the dimension of time, offering chocolate with head notes, heart notes, and base notes, just like perfumes. It's not just chocolate; it's an immersive experience.

Experience a unique dark chocolate taste journey starting with subtle head notes of cereals, followed by powerful fruity heart notes with a spark of acidity and landing softly with pleasant cocoa base notes. Indulge in a chocolate encounter like never before. Born from a revolutionary pairing of fermented cocoa and buckwheat, certified through Cacao-Trace's Sustainable Cocoa Program, Expression So'Choc embodies a sensory revelation.

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Crafted through Unmatched Sensory and Fermentation Expertise

Our Sensory experts, hand-in-hand with our Cacao-Trace fermentation experts, created an unparalleled sensory experience - from head notes to heart notes and base notes.

The journey of Expression So' Choc commenced by harmonizing fermented ingredients, an intricate process guided by our expertise in fermented cocoa and buckwheat. Every step, from ingredient selection to fermentation finesse, was meticulously honed through expert sensory panels. Numerous ingredients were screened, tested, and paired with different cocoa origins. Only combinations assessed as surprising, attractive, and uncommon in the cocoa world by the panelists have been retained.

With this unique combination of fermented ingredients, a revolutionary concept, and a patented manufacturing process, So‘ Choc delivers a sensorial experience unmatched on the market and validated by consumers. A consumer preference test highlighted that 2/3 of consumers confirmed that « this chocolate offers a new and different taste»*. Ready to discover this chocolate innovation?

*External consumer panel, France, 2020

Crafted through Unmatched Sensory and Fermentation Expertise

Reinvent your chocolate-based applications with Expression So’Choc

Elevate your chocolate-based creations by integrating So'Choc, empowering your most imaginative applications. With its unique co-conching of fermented cocoa and buckwheat, explore the distinctive flavor journey of this new chocolate taste—fresh, mineral, profoundly fruity, with a hint of cereals. From ganache to praline, crémeux to chocolate mousse, discover how to make your chocolate-base applications stand out with Expression So'Choc. Explore our Chocolate Expert Stéphane Leroux’s recipes for inspiration.

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Reinvent your chocolate-based applications with Expression So’Choc

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