Consumers worldwide acknowledge Belgian chocolate to be a guarantee of taste and quality. Building on our unique Belgian chocolate heritage and expertise, Belcolade Selection chocolates are all about the best Belgian taste classics in the shape and fluidity that best match the needs of your applications.



Belgian Taste Classics

Each of the Selection chocolates are designed to inspire the world’s leading chocolatiers, patissiers and any other professionals using chocolate in their recipes while providing this Belgian taste guarantee which consumers value.


Belcolade Selection consists of perfectly balanced chocolates to please most consumers. These chocolates offer a great versatility which gives you easy-to-use, great-tasting and great-looking results for all of your chocolate-based applications. 


*Source: Consumer survey conducted by Puratos with chocolate consumers, 7 countries, 1678 respondents, 2022.


Select your desired taste from these quality dark, milk, amber and white chocolates. Choose the fluidity to match your application, be it for thin enrobing, panning, molding, mousses, creams, thick enrobing, flavouring, etc. up to bake-stable inclusions. Finally, select the delivery format which best suits your needs: drops in different bag sizes, blocks, chunks and grains of various sizes.


As part of our commitment to great taste doing good, most Selection chocolates are available as Cacao-Trace sustainable cocoa certified. Other sustainable cocoa certifications may be available – please check on the detailed product pages or contact us for more information. 

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