With more than 90 years of accumulated experience, trainings and participations to various high-end competitions, our multi-talented chocolate expert’s team is ready to support you and is dedicated to spreading knowledge all over the world. 

Stéphane Leroux

Stéphane Leroux has always had a sweet tooth. From age six he knew he wanted to be a pâtissier, following in the footsteps of his uncle and grandmother. Now, after 37 years in the patisserie and chocolate business, his passion for pastry and chocolate has evolved into a passion for teaching. On behalf of Belcolade he now spreads his knowledge all over the world. Stéphane has devoted a lot of his time to competing in various high-end competitions. As a result, he has the prestigious title Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Michel Eyckerman

As Chocolate Expert Michel Eyckerman is a true allrounder. As supervisor of the Belcolade Chocolate Center, he knows his way around chocolate. Whether we’re talking pralines, chocolate decorations, patisserie or semi-industrial chocolate making, his 23 years of experience in patisserie shine through in every area. Michel biggest tip? “Remain curious and keep experimenting with ingredients, textures, combinations. The sky is the limit!”

Jeffrey De Weyer

Jeffrey started at age 21 as a junior advisor at Belcolade and now travels all over the world to show customers the newest innovations in the field of chocolate.

 “Being able to teach customers and colleagues all over the world is really rewarding. The personal interaction with people who care so much for chocolate gives me a real adrenaline rush”, says Jeffrey. 

His specialty is in the area of sugar reduction, panning, chocolate pralines and decorations.

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