We searched high and low throughout Peru to find the most exquisite Criollo and Trinitario beans. This quest has resulted in this exceptional 64% dark chocolate. No other chocolate so successfully and delightfully merges the enticing flavours of Peru’s rich cocoa farming heritage and the Amazon’s primeval wilderness.

Key properties:

  • Single-origin chocolate
  • Superior-tasting Belgian chocolate
  • 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla
  • Dry cocoa solids: 64%
  • Clean label: no lecithin

A fruity flavoured melody from Peru

"The Amazon is the cradle of cocoa. Its fertility has led to the biodiversity of cocoa that we know today. It is therefore no surprise that Peru holds a unique place in the history of chocolate. We rely on the country’s rich heritage and the traditional expertise of our local Peruvian farmers to produce chocolate that takes you back to the roots of cocoa’s history and taste.


In recent years, Peruvian farmers have also returned en masse to their own rich cocoa heritage. They draw on traditions dating back as far as the Inca Empire to produce cocoa of the highest quality. Yet they fully embrace the new, by adhering to the country’s strict quality control standards."

New, 100% recycle-ready packaging

At Belcolade, we take concrete actions to enhance sustainability in the chocolate industry.
In line with our purpose, we will make all packaging materials fully recyclable by 2025.
This new, 100% recycle-ready packaging, is a big step to moving the planet forward, alongside our customers.

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Flavour profile

By mixing Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans we have created this Origins Peru 64% dark chocolate like no other, with a slightly acid cocoa taste enhanced with notes of raisins and dried figs.


For an optimal taste experience, please follow the below instructions:

Tempering indications

  • Ambient: 16-20°C / 61-68°F
  • Melting: 50-55°C / 122-131°F
  • Cooling: 28°C / 82.4°F
  • Working: 29-30.5°C / 84.2-86.9°F

Advised storage conditions

Store in a dry place. R.H.: max 60%. Between 16 and 20°C.

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Your advantages

  • Unique and distinctive flavour for a better differentiation of your finished products
  • Belgian chocolate

Your consumer advantages

  • Unique chocolate taste
  • Belgian chocolate

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