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1 Praliné Filling
  • Cashew Nuts 250 g
  • Sugar 150 g
  • Cumin Seeds 3 g
  • PatisFrance Praliné Almond 50% 500 g
  • Belcolade Cacao Butter 50 g
  • Sea Salt 2 g

Caramelize the sugar and add the roasted cashew nuts and cumin seeds. Leave to cool down and mix into a liquid paste with a robot cutter. Melt the Belcolade Selection M. Plant-Based Cacao-Trace chocolate and cocoa butter, mix with all the ingredients and temper the whole mixture at 24°C. Pipe the filling between 2 thin chocolate disks made out of Belcolade Selection M. Plant-Based Cacao-Trace. Leave to crystalize for 10 minutes in a fridge at 5°C. Dip the filled disks in tempered Belcolade Selection M. Plant-Based Cacao-Trace and leave to set.

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