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Mold: Chocolate World CW12032


  • Salted coffee caramel
  • Shell with coffee
  • Coloured cocoa butter


1 Salted coffee caramel
  • Sugar 100 g
  • Glucose 40 g
  • Cream (35% full fat) 100 g
  • Butter 40 g
  • Fleur de sel 2 g
  • Instant coffee 4 g
  • Make a caramel with the sugar and the glucose.
  • Heat the cream with the butter, the fleur de sel and instant coffee to add to the caramel.
  • Heat the caramel to 107°C and then allow to cool.
  • Use the caramel at 28°C.
2 Crisp with coffee
  • PatisFrance Pralicrac Caramel au Beurre Salé 200 g
  • PatisFrance Crousticrep Blond 50 g
  • Instant coffee (crushed) 8 g
  • Soften the PatisFrance Caramel au Beurre Salé (25-28°C) and add the tempered Belcolade Selection together with the PatisFrance Crousticrep Blond and crushed instant coffee.
  • Spread at a thickness of 3 mm and cut out the desired shape.
3 Colored cocoa butter
  • Belcolade Cacaoboter Cacao-Trace CB1 100 g
  • Melt the Belcolade Cacao butter Cacao-Trace CBI and Belcolade Selection Noir Cacao-Trace drops to 40°C and mix with an immersion blender.
  • Temper the mixture to 30°C and stir.
4 Assembly
  • Coat the molds coloured with cocoa butter with tempered Belcolade Selection Amber Cacao-Trace.
  • Allow to crystallise for 1 hour at 16°C with a relative humidity of max. 60%.
  • Pipe the salted coffee caramel in the coated mold.
  • Place the crisp with coffee on the caramel.
  • Seal the mold with Belcolade Selection Amber Cacao-Trace.
  • Remove from mold if possible.
  • Store at 16°C with a relative humidity of max. 60%.

Created by Matty Van Caeseele

I initially made an Amber praline with a caramel and Amber chocolate. Delicious! We all know that coffee and caramel are a perfect match. As a fan of espresso, I adapted the recipe by adding a lot of character and a crunch that continues to reverberate. This stayer is at home in every assortment.

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