Blue Lavande


  1. Cocoa Shortcrust
  2. Lavender Ganache
  3. Apricot Marmelade
  4. Pecannuts Crumble

1. Cocoa shortcrust

Puratos Tegral Patacroute - 375 g
Belcolade Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder, 22-24 - 15 g
PatisFrance Noisettes Brutes Rapées - 50 g
Icing sugar - 50 g
Orange zest - ½ piece
Butter - 225 g
Salt - 5 g
Egg - 80 g


Mix Puratos Tegral Patacroute, Belcolade Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder, PatisFrance Noisettes Brutes Rapées, icing sugar, salt, orange zest, eggs and butter together until you obtain sandy texture. Store in the fridge to obtain a firm texture.
Roll out to 3 mm, cut with cutter and bake on reverse half sphere silicon mould of 4,5 cm.
Bake at 180 °C, during + 15-20 min.

2. Lavender ganache

Puratos Festipak - 200 g
Milk - 50 g
Lavender - 4 g
Invert sugar - 45 g
Belcolade Noir Supreme, E740/J - 320 g
Butter (cutted in small pieces) - 55 g


Bring Puratos Festipak and milk to 60 °C, and infuse with lavender during 5 min.
Add the invert sugar and bring to 80 °C, then pour it onto the Belcolade Noir Supreme and blend with a hand mixer to smooth it.
When the ganache reaches a temperature of 35-38 °C, add the butter.
Homogenize with a hand mixer.
Pour into the baked shell and let it crystallize between 16-18 °C during minimum 2h.

3. Apricot marmelade

Puratos Topfil Apricot Q.S
Pipe Puratos Topfil Apricot on top of the crystallized ganache.

4. Pecannuts Crumble Method

PatisFrance Noix de Pécan Hachées (roasted and crushed) - 150 g
Brown sugar - 150 g
Flour - 150 g
Butter - 80 g
Salt - 3 g


Mix all the ingredients together to obtain a sandy texture.
Bake at 170 °C during + 12 min.
Let it cool down and sprinkle the PatisFrance Noix de Pécan Hachées crumble on top of the Puratos Topfil Apricot.