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Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace : great taste for years and years and years

Our conventional Belcolade Selection range is already well known for its great taste and excellent performance. With Belcolade Selection Lait and Noir Cacao-Trace™, we’ve raised the bar still further and created one of the finest chocolates available on the market. The chocolate tastes as good as the story behind it. Better still, it offers terrific value for money: not only will you have superior quality and tasting chocolate but a great story you can tell your customers.

New Cacao-Trace products on Puratos website

New Cacao-Trace products on Puratos website


Customer Advantages

New sustainable stars

For the taste you love plus extra value for money, discover our newest sustainable stars: Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace™. Available in milk & dark chocolate.

Vietnam 73

Vietnam 73 is our new 73% cocoa with an unexpected taste: a pronounced acid cocoa taste enriched with citrus, wood and tobacco notes.

Puratos and Belcolade celebrate 25 years of expertise in superior tasting Belgian chocolate

November 2013 - 25 years ago, Puratos introduced a new brand to the professional chocolate market: Belcolade. Since then, Belcolade has become synonymous for superior tasting real Belgian chocolate and the trusted chocolate supplier for thousands of chocolate professionals around the world.