Vietnam Stick


1. Tea ganache
2. Enrobing

Tea ganache

Water 30 g
Jasmine tea 40 g
Multi-flower honey 120 g
Fresh cream 35% 195 g
Fresh cream 35% QS
Belcolade Origins Lait Vietnam 45 580 g
Dry butter 100 g
Belcolade Origins Lait Vietnam 45 QS
Belcolade Lait Selection, O3X5/G or J QS


Rehydrate the jasmine tea in cold water for about 6 hours in advance. After this time, heat the fresh cream (195 g) to 85°C and add the tea with water. Cover with a plastic film and leave to brew for 5 minutes off the fire. Strain the whole and rectify the weight of the liquid to 195 g with fresh cream (QS). Add the honey and reheat the whole at 80°C. Pour the liquid on Vietnam Milk and mix manually until the ganache is fully homogenised. When the mix is between 35 - 38° C, add the dry butter and finish mixing. Pour the ganache thus obtained on a stainless steel plate, cover entirely with a plastic film, and leave to crystallise at ambient temperature (between 18 and 20°C maximum) for at least two hours. After this time, apply the ganache using a number 9 piping nozzle on stripes (7 mm wide by 40 cm long) of crystallised Belcolade Origin Lait Vietnam 45. Leave to crystallise at 18 °C for 12 hours at an average humidity below 60%. Now cut sticks 8 cm long and coat them with tempered Belcolade Lait Selection.