Le Tigre de Vietnam


  1. Kalamansi Mango candied fruit
  2. Ganache Vietnam 45
  3. Crispy rice

Candied fruit

Kalamansi juice 200 g
PatisFrance Starfruit Mango 300 g
Juice 650 g
Pectin jelly 14 g
Glucose 75 g
Citric acid solution 12 g


Mix the pectin jelly with the sugar. Heat the Kalamansi juice and Starfruit Mango together to 40°C and add the pectin-sugar mixture. Add the glucose and boil the whole to 106°C. Take the Candied fruit from the fire and mix in the citric acid solution. Pour in a 6 mm high frame and leave to cool.

Ganache Vietnam 45

Fresh cream 35% 250 g
Lemon zest 8 g
Inverted sugar syrup 75 g
Belcolade Origins Lait Vietnam 45 460 g
Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter 15 g
Butter 80 g


Boil the cream together with the lemon zest. Leave to cool to 85°C, add the inverted sugar syrup and pour on the Belcolade Origins Lait Vietnam 45 (drops) and the cocoa butter (drops). Mix to a ganache using a spatula. Mix to an emulsion at 35°C and add the butter. Mix with an immersion blender. Put a 6 mm high frame again above the foregoing recipe and pour the ganache on it. Leave the entire preparation to crystallise for 12 hours in a place at a temperature of 18°C with an average humidity below 60%. Stencil the ganache and leave it to crystallise. Turn the whole around, stencil the candied fruit..

Crispy rice

Mini rice soufflé 200 g
Chia seeds 30 g
Roast the chia seeds in a pan and mix them with the mini rice soufflé.
Belcolade Lait Supreme, ZA306/G QS


Use the guitar to cut to the desired format. Coat with tempered Belcolade Lait Supreme, sprinkle the crispy rice and leave to crystallise. Coat once again and leave to crystallise.