St Valentine Treats

Raspberry Ganache, 
(recipe for approx. 60 Valentine treats of 30 gr)

Raspberry puree 500 g
Invert sugar 120 g
Belcolade Lait Selection O3x5/G or J 1.120 g
Dry butter 168 g
Belcolade PP Cocoa butter 162 g
Belcolade Noir Selection, C501/J QS


Mix the raspberry puree with the invert sugar and heat to 80°C.
Pour the puree over the chocolate and the cocoa butter. Mix until completely smooth.
When the ganache has reached a temperature of between 35 and 38°C add the dry butter and incorporate with a hand mixer to obtain a smooth blend.
Pour the resulting ganache on a stainless steel plate and cover with plastic film. Leave to crystallize at 16°C.
Once the texture is smooth, using a nr 6 piping bag pipe the ganache onto crystallized discs of Noir Selection chocolate,
Cover with a second disc of Noir Selection chocolate.
Leave to crystallize for 12 hours at 16°C, then cover the discs with tempered Noir Selection chocolate and place a sheet of neutral rodhoïd over them.
Leave to crystallize and store at 16°C and 60% humidity.