1. Citrus “pain de gêne” biscuit
  2. Praliné amande doux crusty
  3. Raspberry creamy
  4. Estragon/ honey bavaroise

Citrus “pain de gêne” biscuit

PatisFrance Catania 50% 1000 g
Whole eggs 700 g
Salt 6 g
Flour 100 g
Starch 90 g
Butter 350 g
Orange zest 1 piece
Lemon zest ½ piece


Warm the Catania in the microwave at 50°C.
In the beater with the paddle, mix together the marzipan and salt.
Add gradually the whole eggs and whip until you obtain an aerated texture.
Incorporate the sifted flour, starch and zests, then the melted butter.
Pour on tray 40x60 cm
Baked at 170°C during 30 min approximately, close damper.

Praliné amande doux crusty

PatisFrance Praliné Amande doux 500 g
Belcolade Blanc Intense X516//G 100 g
Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter 20 g
PatisFrance Crousticrep 120 g
Lime zests 1 piece


Melt Belcolade Blanc Intense with cocoa butter at 40°C, add to the praliné and mix. Add lemon zest and Crousticrep.
Spread regular layer on top of the baked and cold biscuit.
Let set.

Raspberry creamy

PatisFrance Starfruit Raspberry 500 g
Egg yolks 150 g
Whole eggs 200 g
Sugar 80 g
Puratos Bavarois Neutre 90 g
Butter 180 g


Cook the Starfruit with egg yolks, whole eggs and sugar until boil it., stop cooking, add the Bavarois Neutre and mix well.
When the temperature reach 35°C, add the butter then mix with the hand mixer to smooth it correctely. Fill silicon mould of 3 cm diameter and freeze it.

Estragon/ honey bavaroise

Full fat milk 100 g
Fresh cream 35% 100 g
Estragon 6 g
Honey 40 g
Egg yolks 55 g
Gelatin 7 g
Belcolade Blanc Intense X516/G 170 g
Puratos Chantypak Whipped
Fresh cream 35% 187 g


Warm the milk, fresh cream and chopped estragon at 60°C, cover with film and let infuse 5 min.
After that, sift it, add egg yolks and honey, and realize an English cream (85°C).
Stop cooking, pour onto the Belcolade Blanc Intense and soaked gelatin. Mix correctly.
At 30°C, incorporate soft whipped creams (Chantypak & fresh cream).

For 1 individual portion:

Biscuit 20 g
Croustillant 4 g
Crémeux 17 g
Bavaroise 25 g