1. Shortcrust almond
  2. Red pepper praliné
  3. Red fruit marmelade

Shortcruts almond

Flour 375 g
PatisFrance Amandes blanchies poudre 50 g
Icing sugar 150 g
Butter 225 g
Salt 5 g
Whole eggs 80 g


Mix icing sugar, almond powder, flour, salt and butter together until you obtain a sandy texture.
Add eggs gradually until you obtain an homogenous dough.
Wrap it in cling film, and let set in the fridge.
Roll out to 3 mm and cut square of 3x3 cm.
Bake on silpan at 170°C during 8-12 min.

Red pepper praliné 

PatisFrance Praliné Amande 50% 250 g
Belcolade Lait Selection, O3X5/G or J 50 g
Belcolade Noir Selection, C501/J 25 g
Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter 15 g


Grind red pepper 2 g
Melt the chocolates and cocoa butter at 40°C, add the praliné, red pepper and mix together.
Temper at 25-26°C, then pipe ring on side of baked square shortcrust.

Red fruit marmelade

PatisFrance Starfruit Myrtille 300 g
PatisFrance Starfruit Cassis 120 g
Sugar 240 g
Pectin “ruban jaune” 6 g
Glucose 50 g


Cook Starfuit myrtille, cassis and glucose together.
At 40°C, add the sugar mixed with pectin.
Cook everything together at 104°C.
Cool down quickly and reserve.
Pipe in the middle of the praline circle. Close with another layer of baked square shortcrust.