Easter Eye

Composition (for 30 portions)

  1. Vanilla-flavoured cream
  2. Caramelised dacquoise
  3. Crispy dough base with caramel
  4. Mousse Vanuatu 44


Fill the silicone moulds half way with the mousse. Coat the mousse to avoid air bubbles. Add the vanilla-flavoured cream and caramelised dacquoise. Fill with mousse and close with a crispy dough base. Decorate with spray chocolate, white ganache and half a yolk. Decoration.

Vanilla-flavoured cream

Puratos Festipak 250 g
Milk 250 g
Vanilla pod 1piece
PatisFrance Extrait Naturel de Vanille 400 2 g
Puratos Bavarois Neutre 80 g


Boil the Festipak, milk, vanilla pod and the Extrait Naturel de Vanille 400 [natural vanilla extract]. Pour while steering in the yolks and then add the Bavarois Neutre. Pour the Vanilla-flavoured cream in a silicone mould and freeze.

Caramelised dacquoise biscuit

Egg whites 300 g
Sugar 200 g
50/50 grinding 450 g
Flour 50 g


Whisk the egg whites, add the sugar and mix for 2 minutes at slow speed. Increase the speed and whisk until a light mousse is obtained. Sieve the grinding and the flour. Add the sieved ingredients to the whisked whites with a spatula, and then spread the biscuit on a 40x60 cm plate. Cook at 200°C for 10 minutes. Leave to cool. Sprinkle with sugar and caramelise with a burner.

Crispy dough base with caramel

Puratos Florex 120 g
Rice soufflé 60 g
Belcolade Lait Selection O3X5/J or G 150 g
Liquid butter 30 g


Caramelise the Florex and the rice soufflé. Leave to cool and spray in small segments. Temper the drops of Belcolade Lait Selection and add liquid butter. Mix the preparation with caramelised pieces and put on 40x60 cm cooking paper.

Mousse Vanuatu 44

Milk 200 g
Puratos Festipak 200 g
Egg yolks 80 g
Belcolade Origins Vanuatu 44 410 g
Puratos Bavarois Neutre 60 g
Puratos Chantypak 220 g
Fresh cream 220 g


Boil the milk and Festipak and pour it, whilst stirring, on the egg yolks. Add the drops of Belcolade Origins Vanuatu 44 and mix until an emulsion is obtained. Add the Bavarois Neutre and leave to cool at 30°C. Add the half whisked Chantypak and fresh cream.