This application is made up (for 165 pc. 24mmx24mmx9mm) using 2 recipes

  1. Strawberry Pâte de fruits
  2. Shiso Venezuela Ganache

1. Strawberry Pâte de fruits

Acid tartrique - 1.5 gr
Hot Water - 1.5 gr
PatisFrance Starfruit Fraise - 180 gr
Glucose - 55 gr
Sugar  - 5 gr
Pectin NH - 6 gr
Sugar - 235 gr


Dissolve the acid tartrique in the hot water. Heat up the PatisFrance Starfruit Fraise together with the glucose. Mix the 25g sugar with the pectin and add to the hot PatisFrance Starfruit Fraise. Add the rest of the sugar bit by bit. Let it boil on a hot fire and stir frequently .
Take away the heat at 106°C (75 Brix) and add directly the Acid tartrique solution. Pour out the pâte the fruit in a rectangle of 27x36 cm on a Silpat® (with a thickness of 3mm). Let it set for one hour before putting the next layer on top.

2. Sisho Venezuela Ganache

Fresh Cream 35% - 68 g
Whole Milk - 54 g
Fresh Green Shiso Leaves - 3 pc.
Yuzu Puree - 54 g
Trimoline - 32 g
Belcolade Origins Venezuela 43 - 490 g

Additional ingredients needed:

Belcolade Lait Selection O3X5/JorG Q.S.
Whole Milk 68 g


Put a rectangle of 6 mm on top of the other rectangle with the pâte de fruit. Heat up de cream together with the milk. Tear the shiso leaves in pieces and let them infuse for 5 minutes in the liquids. Sieve the infusion.
Weight the mixture after serving and add whole milk until you obtain 122g. Heat up again till 80°C and pour under constant stirring onto the half melted Belcolade Origins Venezuela 43.

Mix the ganache until you get a homogeneous filling. Let the ganache cool down until 31°C. Pour the tempered ganache on top of the pâte de fruit. Spread out in the rectangle. Leave to crystallize at 18°C and with an average humidity level lower than 60% for 6 to 8 hours.

Final Assembly

After 24 hours of crystallisation, spread out evenly a layer of tempered Belcolade Lait Selection O3X5/J onto the ganache. Before complete crystallisation, cut with a guitar rectangles of 24mm x 24mm
Enrobe with tempered Belcolade Lait Selection O3X5/J.