This application is made using 2 recipes

  1. Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
  2. Fresh Mint Ganache

1. Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Rhubarb pulp - 400 g
Patisfrance Starfruit Strawberry - 150 g
Granulated sugar - 350 g
Glucose - 80 g
Lemon juice - 10 g
Pectin - 8 g


Mix sugar and pectin together. Heat the lemon juice, rhubarb pulp, strawberry pulp and glucose until 85°C.
Add the sugar and pectin and mix well to dissolve the sugar. Boil until 102,5°C. Cool down on a baking paper, put into a bowl and cover with a cling film and let it cool down until 18°C.

2. Ganache mint

Fresh Cream 35% - 345 g
Granulated Sugar - 60 g
Glucose - 50 g
Belcolade Blanc Selection, X605/J or G - 300 g
Belcolade Pure Prime Pressed
Cocoa Butter - 30 g
Butter - 60 g
Fresh mint leave - 10 g
Vanilla stick - 1 pc


Heat up the fresh cream with vanilla stick. Make a light caramel using the glucose and the sugar.
Add the heated cream step by step to the light caramel. When this preparation reaches a temperature of 75 °C, pass through a sieve directly onto the Belcolade Blanc Selection and Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter. Mix well with a hand mixer to smooth it. When the ganache reaches 35-38°C, add the butter. Cut the mint leaves, add to the ganache and mix again. This ganache has to be at a temperature of 28°C before you fill up your pre-made chocolate shell/mould.

Final assembly

Pour the jam for 1/3 into the shell and afterwards the mint ganache.
Let it crystallize for 12 hours in a room at 18°C with an average humidity below 60 %.
After complete crystallisation, close the chocolate using tempered Belcolade Blanc Selection.