Purple Pearl


This application is made up using 3 recipes

  1. Chocolate Cake
  2. Blackcurrant Ganache
  3. Guimauve lemongrass

1. Vanuatu Chocolate Cake

Whole Eggs - 250 gr
Invert Sugar - 75 gr
Sugar - 125 gr
PatisFrance Amandes Blanchies Poudre - 150 gr
Flour - 120 gr
Belcolade Cocoa Powder 22-24 - 25 gr
Baking powder - 7 gr
Fresh cream 35% (ambient temperature) - 120 gr
Aristo Primeur Cake - 85 gr
Belcolade Origins Vanuatu 44 - 60 gr


Mix whole eggs, invert sugar and the sugar. Add the PatisFrance Amandes Blanchies Poudre, flour, Belcolade Cocoa Powder and the baking powder. Mix until you obtain a homogenous paste.
Heath up the fresh cream, Aristo Primeur Cake and Belcolade Origins Vanuatu 44 and add to the previous mixture. Spread out on baking trays 40x60cm and bake at 200°C for + 5min

2. Blackcurrant Ganache

PatisFrance Starfruit Cassis - 200 gr
Invert Sugar - 40 gr
Butter - 50 gr
Belcolade Blanc Selection X605/J - 500 gr


Heat up the PatisFrance Starfruit Cassis, invert sugar, and the butter together until 80°C, pour on the Belcolade Blanc Selection and mix to obtain a homogenous and smooth ganache. At 35°C, spread out the ganache on the cake with a thickness of 5mm. Let it crystallize for at least 12 hours.

3. Guimauve lemongrass

Water - 35 gr
Fresh Lemongrass sticks - 20 gr
Sugar - 2 gr
Gelatin Leaves - 9 gr


Warm 70g of water with the chopped lemongrass at 80°C and cover with cling film to let it infuse during 1 night at 5°C. Cook 300g of water with 240g of sugar at 110°C. In the mixing bowl put the rest of the sugar with the infusion and the pre-soaked gelatin leaves.
When the syrup is at 110°C, pour it in the bowl and whip it all together until you obtain a firm and aerated texture. Spread a thickness of 5mm onto the ganache. 

Final Assembly

Cut with the guitar rectangles in your desired shape and enrobe with tempered Belcolade Origins Vanuatu 44.