Mendiant carré


  • Hazelnut filling


  • Roasted cashew nut
  • Candied pomelo peal
  • Lightly roasted almond

Hazelnut filling

Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73 QS
PatisFrance Tradition Pralinor 55% 400 g
Belcolade Noir Selection, C501/J 150 g
Belcolade PPP Cocoa butter 30 g


Temper Belcolade Noir Selection, spread on a sheet of baking paper and place a frame (27 x 39) 4 mm thick.
Melt 150 g Belcolade Noir Selection with cocoa butter at 45°C, add the PatisFrance Tradition Pralinor 55% and temper the whole to 26°C.
Spread in the frame and leave for 1 hour to crystallise at a cooling temperature of 16°C with an average humidity below 60%.
Spread tempered Belcolade Noir Selection on the hazelnut filling and cut in squares of 3 x 3 cm.
Cover them with tempered Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73 and add the roasted cashew nut, almond and candied pomelo.
Leave the end product to crystallise for one day in a room with a temperature between 16 and 18 °C and with an average humidity below 60 %. Keep at 16 °C.