Melocake Orange


This application is made using 3 recipes

  1. Shortcrust
  2. Orange Marmalade
  3. Marshmallow

1. Shortcrust

Puratos Aristo Primeur Croissant - 200 g
PatisFrance Pistaches Vertes Poudre - 50 g
Puratos Patacroute - 500 g
Egg - 70 g
Baking powder - 4 g
Sugar - 50 g
Salt - 2 g
PatisFrance Arôme Naturel 400 - 2 g


Mix everything together with a flat beater to obtain a homogeneous dough. Roll out in 4 mm shapes, cut it with a dough cutter of 5 cm and bake the short crust at 190 °C for 12 min.

2. Orange Marmalade

Oranges - 300 g
Glucose - 125 g
Sugar - 25 g
Pectin NH - 5 g


Don’t peel the oranges, cut them into pieces and take off the seeds. Boil for 5 min together with the glucose. Mix the sugar and pectin and add to the mixture. Mix everything together with a small mixer and boil this composition again for 3 min. Let it cool down. Pipe this filling on top of the baked shortcrust.

3. Marshmallow

Gelatin leave - 17 g
Sugar - 225 g
Invert sugar - 70 g
Invert sugar - 100 g
Water - 75 g
Belcolade Noir Absolu EBONY - 80 g


Soak the gelatine in cold water. Boil the water, 70 g invert sugar and sugar (225 g) to 110°C.
Put the rest of the invert sugar (100 g) in a mixing bowl, pour on top the hot sugar syrup, add the soaked gelatine and whip up to a cold and aerated texture. Pipe directly on the shortcrust base to cover the orange marmalade and let is set for 2 hours..

Final assembly

Additional ingredient
Belcolade Noir Selection, C501/J QS

Temper the Belcolade Noir Selection and enrobe the marshmallows.