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  1. Seaweed caramel

1. Seaweed caramel

Sugar - 250 gr
Condensed milk - 150 gr
Glucose - 150 gr
Butter - 50 gr
Seaweed powder (type: Wakame) - 35 gr
Belcolade Origins Dominican Republic 31 - 450 gr

Additional ingredients needed
Silver powder


Boil the sugar and the condensed milk. Add the glucose and butter
and boil the caramel till 118°C. Add the seaweed powder and mix well. Spread out the caramel filling on a baking paper.
Let the caramel cool down and cut long stripes. Shape with the caramel fish-hooks. Leave to crystallize at 18°C and with an average humidity level lower than 60% for 6 to 8 hours. Enrobe them with the Belcolade Origins Dominican Republic 31.
Finish with some silver powder.