This application is made using 2 recipes

  1. Blood Orange Jelly
  2. Fennel Ganache

1. Blood Orange Jelly

Blood orange puree 220 g
Granulated Sugar 130 g
Pectin 6 g
Glucose 55 g
Citric acid solution 4 g
Cointreau 40 % 10 g


Heat up the blood orange puree with glucose. Add the sugar and pectin. Boil until 106 °C. Take off the heat. Add the Cointreau and finally the citric acid solution. Place a rectangle on a silpat. Spread out the blood orange jelly. Let it set for 1 hour before putting the fennel ganache on top.

2. Fennel Ganache

Trimoline 100 g
Sorbitol powder 60 g
Fresh cream 35 % 675 g
Fennel seed 15 g
Belcolade Origins Uganda 80 660 g
Belcolade Lait Selection, O3X5/J or G 330 g
Butter 80 g
Cointreau 40 % 25 g

Additional ingredient
Belcolade Noir Selection, C501/J


Heat up the cream till 85 °C together with the trimoline, sorbitol and fennel seeds. Take off the heat and pour onto the Belcolade Origins Uganda 80 and the Belcolade Lait Selection. Mix with a hand mixer to get a homogeneous ganache. When the ganache reaches a temperature of 35 -38°C, add the butter and mix. Finally add the Cointreau and mix until the ganache is smooth. Spread out a thin layer of tempered Belcolade Noir Selection onto a sheet of baking paper and place a square of 6mm thickness on top of the chocolate. At 30 °C, spread out in the square.
Let it crystallize for 12 hours in a room at 18 °C with an average humidity below 60 %.

Final assembly

Spread out a thin layer of tempered Belcolade Noir Selection onto the ganache. Before complete crystallisation, cut it with a guitar into the required shape. Enrobe it with tempered Belcolade Noir Selection chocolate and decorate immediately with a transfer sheet with white dots.