Café Caramel


This application is made using 2 recipes

  1. Caramel Ganache
  2. Crispy Gianduja

1. Caramel Ganache

Fresh Cream 35 % - 250 g
Invert sugar - 25 g
Puratos Classic Moka - 15 g
Belcolade Lait Caramel, CAR/J - 320 g
Belcolade Noir Selection, C501/J - 50 g
Belcolade Pure Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter - 20 g
Butter - 65 g
Anise Liqueur 40 % - 6 g


Boil the cream. Add the invert sugar and the Puratos Classic Moka, pour onto the Belcolade Lait Caramel and Belcolade Noir Selection and Belcolade PPP Cocoa Butter and mix in order to obtain a shiny and homogeneous ganache. When the ganache reaches the temperature of 35-38 °C add the butter and finally the liquor. Mix well with a hand mixer to make the ganache smooth and homogeneous.

2. Crispy Gianduja

Belcolade Gianduja - 350 g
PatisFrance Crousticrep - 50 g


Mix the Belcolade Gianduja with the PatisFrance Crousticrep and spread out in a square of 2 mm high.
Let it crystallize for 2 hours.

Final assembly

Additional ingredient
Belcolade Lait Selection, O3X5/J or G

Pour the Caramel Ganache on the Gianduja and let it crystallize for 12 hours in a room at 16-18 °C with a humidity below 60 %. Temper the Belcolade Lait Selection and spread a thin layer of the tempered chocolate on the crispy gianduja side. When it’s crystallized, turn it and spread another thin layer of tempered chocolate on the ganache side. Cut the squares with a guitar. Enrobe with tempered Belcolade Lait Selection. Let it crystallize at 18 °C during 12 hours with an average humidity below 60 %. Then store at 16 °C.