Triangle of red delight


This application is made using 3 recipes

  1. Pâte de Fruits
  2. Chocolate Biscuit
  3. Chocolate Crémeux

1. Pâte de Fruits

PatisFrance Starfruit Fruit Des Bois 250 g
PatisFrance Starfruit Framboise 250 g
Rosewater 15 g
Granulated Sugar 50 g
Yellow Pectine 12 g
Granulated Sugar 500 g
Glucose 100 g
Tartaric Acid Solution (50%) 8 g


Bring the fruits and rosewater to a boil and add the 50 g of sugar mixed with the pectin and boil 3 min. Add the glucose and the rest of the sugar and boil until 106 °C. Stop the cooking process and add the tartaric acid solution. Pour directly into frames of 6 mm high. And let it cool down.

2. Chocolate Biscuit

Belcolade Origins Peru 64 330 g
Butter 105 g
PatisFrance Pâte d’Amande Catania 50% 135 g
Egg yolk 90 g
Egg white 360 g
Granulated Sugar 135 g


Melt the butter together with the Belcolade Origins Peru 64 until 50 °C. Mix the PatisFrance Pâte d’Amande Catania with the egg yolks until homogeneous. Whip the egg whites with the sugar and finally mix everything together with a spatula. Spread it out with a thickness of 3 mm and bake the sponge at 190 °C during 10 min.

3. Chocolate Crémeux 

Fresh Cream 35 % 250 g
Belcolade Noir Organic 72 Fairtrade 320 g
Invert Sugar 45 g
Butter 30 g


Boil the cream and invert sugar together. Let it cool down to 80 °C and pour on top of the Belcolade Noir Organic 72 Fairtrade. Mix with a hand mixer and at 35 °C. Add the cold butter and mix it again.

Final assembly

Put a layer of the chocolate biscuit on top of the “Pâte de fruit”, flip it over and put a second layer of chocolate sponge. Pour then 6 mm crémeux on top and close again with a layer of chocolate biscuit. Let it set for 3 hours and cut in desired pieces.