Terre d’Afrique


This application is made up using (for 4 cakes Ø 16cm) 5 recipes

  1. Chocolate Biscuit
  2. Banana Cremeux
  3. Gelly Ginger
  4. Uganda Mousse
  5. Milk chocolate glaze

1. Chocolade Biscuit

Water (45°C) - 250 gr
Whole Eggs - 250 gr
PatisFrance Patis’coeur Fondant - 1000 gr
Candied Ginger - Q.S.


Whip the whole eggs with the water and the PatisFrance Patis’coeur Fondant. Add the ginger.
Bake in silicone moulds of Ø 16cm at 185°C for 8 min.

2. Banana Cremeux

PatisFrance Starfruit Banane - 300 gr
PatisFrance Starfruit Citron - 33 gr
Brown Sugar - 140 gr
Egg Yolks - 80 gr
Whole Eggs - 108 gr
Butter - 155 gr
PatisFrance Gelée Dessert - 26 gr


Heat up the first 5 ingredients at 85°C. Add the butter and the PatisFrance Gelée Dessert and mix.
Pour in a silicon mould Ø 14cm and freeze.

3. Gelly Ginger

PatisFrance Starfruit Banane - 350 g
PatisFrance Starfruit Citron - 150 g
Fresh Ginger - 30 g
Sugar - 200 g
Glucose syrup - 200 g
Pectine NH - 14 g


Boil the PatisFrance Starfruit Banane and the PatisFrance StarFruit Citron with the grated ginger. Let it infuse for 15 min. Add the other ingredients and boil 2 min. Pour on the banana cremeux and freeze.

4. Uganda Mousse

Whole Milk - 150 g
Festipak - 150 g
Egg Yolks - 60 g
Sugar - 30 g
Belcolade Origins Uganda 80 - 300 g
Fresh Cream 35% - 540 g


Boil the first 4 ingredients at 85°C. Pour onto the Belcolade Origins Uganda 80 and mix. When the mixture reaches 36-38°C, add the whipped fresh cream.

5. Milk chocolate glaze 

PatisFrance Miroir Plus Chocolat Lait - 600 gr


Heat up the glaze at 38°C before using.

Final Assembly

Build up upside down. First layer of Uganda mousse and cover with the chocolate biscuit. Second thin layer of Uganda mousse and covered with the frozen banana cremeux and the candied ginger. Third layer of Uganda mousse and close with the chocolate biscuit. Freeze and glaze with the milk chocolate glaze. Finish with a chocolate decoration made with Belcolade Lait Selection O3x5/J.