This application is made using 4 recipes (for 1 frame of 40 x 30 cm)


  1. Pommes Tatin
  2. Joconde biscuit
  3. Chocolate Mousse
  4. Almond Lemon Crumble

1. Pommes Tatin

Apples «Boskoop or Jonagold » - 8
Fine rasped orange peels - 2
Liquid Caramel


Peel and cut fine slices of apples and place them on a silicone mat (40 x 30 cm). Cover (sprinkle) with orange peels made in the micro-plan rasp and pour on some liquid caramel. Cover with a cling film and cook during 1 hour at 90 °C. After cooking, let the preparation cool without removing the cling film in a cool place at 4 °C. After cooling, put in the freezer.

2. Joconde biscuit (3 trays 60x40) 

Whole eggs - 500 g
PatisFrance Amandes Blanchies Poudre - 380 g
Granulated sugar - 380 g
Flour - 100 g
Butter - 80 g
Egg white - 330 g
Granulated sugar - 50 g


Mix in a batter the almond powder, sugar (380g) and egg yolks, and whip up with the whisk to obtain an aerated preparation. Incorporate with a spatula the liquid butter and flour. Whip the egg whites and sugar (50g) and mix slowly to the previous preparation to keep the aerated texture. Spread out on a baking paper and bake at 230°C for 5 minutes. After baking, cover with a cling film and store in freezer.

3. Chocolate Mousse with orange

Belcolade Selection Lait Clair, H411/J - 540 g
Full Milk - 375 g
Fine rasped orange peels - 1 pc
Gelatin leave - 8 g
Fresh Cream 35 % - 375 g
Puratos Chantypak - 375 g


Boil the milk with the orange peels. Pour through a sieve onto the Belcolade Selection Lait Clair and add the pre-soaked gelatin.
After cooling to 38°C, add the whipped cream (fresh cream & Puratos Chantypak) to the mixture by using a spatula. Place the frozen apples on a sheet of plastic. Place them on a stainless frame of 40 x 30 cm. Pour onto the apples the chocolate mousse. Place on top a biscuit joconde of the same size and freeze this preparation.

4. Almond Lemon Crumble

Cold butter - 180 g
Granulated sugar - 200 g
Powder of pure almonds - 200 g
The rasped zests (peels) of lemons - 2 pc
Flour - 240 g


Mix all ingredients with a mixer till you obtain a dough. Roll out till a thickness of 6 mm.
Cut strips of 40 x 4 cm and bake at 180 °C during 20 min. on a silpat. After cooking, keep it in a dry place.

Final assembly

Additional Ingredient
Puratos Miroir l’Original Neutral

Cut strips of Mousse Lait Clair with apples of 40 x 3,5cm and glaze with Puratos Miroir l’Original Neutral. Put them on the baked crumble. Keep in a cool place at 4 °C.