Sensation Noir


This application is made using 6 recipes (for 6 desserts of Ø 16 cm)

  1. Estragon Mousse
  2. Joconde biscuit
  3. Vanuatu Mousse
  4. Raspberries Jam
  5. Almond Lemon Crumble
  6. Chocolat Glaze

1. Estragon Mousse

Full Milk 125 g
Fresh Tarragon 10 g
Belcolade Blanc Selection, X605/J or G 250 g
Gelatin leave 4 g
Fresh Cream 35 % 125 g
Puratos Chantypak 125 g


Cut finely the tarragon leaves and mix them with the milk. Let it boil and cover with a cling film.
Infuse 2 hours before using. After infusion, let it boil a second time and pour onto the Belcolade Blanc Selection through a sieve. Add the presoaked gelatin. When the blend reaches 38 °C, add the whipped cream (fresh cream and Puratos Chantypak) and mix with a spatula. Place directly in half-spherical thermoformed moulds of Ø12 cm to make inserts. Add a bottom of Joconde biscuit of the same size and put in the freezer.

2. Joconde biscuit (3 trays 60x40)

Whole egg 500 g
PatisFrance Amandes Blanchies Poudre 380 g
Granulated sugar 380 g
Flour 100 g
Butter 80 g
Egg white 330 g
Granulated sugar 50 g


Mix in a batter the almond powder, sugar (380g) and egg yolks, and whip up with the whisk to obtain an aerated preparation. Incorporate with a spatula the liquid butter and flour.
Whip the egg whites and sugar (50g) and mix slowly to the previous preparation to keep the aerated texture.
Spread out on a baking paper and bake at 230°C for 5 minutes.
After baking cover with a cling film and store in freezer.

3. Vanuatu Mousse

Full milk 125 g
Belcolade Origins Vanuatu 44 250 g
Fresh Cream 35 % 125 g
Puratos Chantypak 125 g


Boil the milk and pour onto the Belcolade Origins Vanuatu 44. When the blend reaches 38 °C, add the whipped cream (fresh cream & Puratos Chantypak) by using a spatula. Place in thermoformed half-spheres of Ø 14 cm and insert frozen estragon mousses until the Vanuatu mousse reaches the edge of the mould. Put again in the freezer.

4. Raspberries Jam

Frozen broken raspberries 600 g
Granular sugar 300 g
Pectin 6 g


Heat in a pan the pieces of raspberries and add the sugar mixed to the pectin. Let it boil until 104 °C.
Keep it in a bowl covered with a plastic film. Keep it in a cold place at 4 °C.

5. Almond Lemon Crumble

Cold butter 270 g
Granulated sugar 300 g
PatisFrance Amandes Blanchies Poudre 300 g
Rasped fresh lemon peel 2 pc
Flour 360 g


Mix all the ingredients with a mixer until you obtain a dough.
Make a bottom of 6 mm of thickness and cut rounds of Ø 16 cm. Bake those bottoms in buttered circles of the same Ø in an oven at 180 °C for ± 20 min. When they come out the oven, spray with melted cocoa butter and keep in a dry place.

6. Chocolate Glaze

Full milk 150 g
Fresh Cream 35 % 150 g
Glucose 500 g
Belcolade Lait Clair, H411/J 1 kg
Puratos Miroir l’Original Neutral 1 kg
Titanium white 5 g


Boil the milk, cream and glucose in a pan. Pour onto the Belcolade Lait Clair. Add the pre-soaked gelatin.
Add the glazing Puratos Miroir l’Original Neutral and the titanium white. Pass through a sieve. Mix well by using a hand mixer. Keep in a fresh place covered with a plastic film for 24 hours. Use at maximum 38 °C.

Final assembly

De-mould the frozen mousses and cover with the chocolate glaze. On the bottom of the baked crumble, pour the raspberry jam and above the Vanuatu estragon mousse. Decorate at your convenience. Keep in a cold place at 4 °C.