Fleur de Vietnam

Composition (about 30 individual pieces)

  • Sweet dough
  • Coconut-almond cream
  • Cream of mango
  • Vietnam mousse
  • Mild almond praline icing

Sweet dough

Butter 300 g
Salt 2 g
Icing sugar 125 g
Whole eggs? 125 g
Flour 500 g
PatisFrance Noisettes Brutes Râpées 65 g


Mix in the tank of a mixer with the leaf, butter, salt and icing sugar until well blended.
Add the eggs at room temperature and continue to mix.
Add the sieved flour and the raw hazelnut powder at the end.
Mix without making the blend harder.
Keep cool (4°C) covered with a plastic film for at least 1 hour.
After this time, lower 3 mm and arrange discs 7 cm in diameter.
Place them on half-sphere flexipans 7 cm in diameter, turn over and pre-cook for 15 min. in an oven at 180°C.
Keep in a cool place before continuing operations.

Coconut almond cream

Butter 200 g
Caster sugar 180 g
PatisFrance Amandes Blanchies Poudre 100 g
PatisFrance Coco Râpés Fine 100 g
Whole eggs 200 g
Flour 15 g
Malibu 20 g


Mix in the tank of a mixer with the leaf, butter, sugar, almond powder and grated coconuts until well blended.
Add the whole eggs at room temperature.
Whisk the whole slightly.
Add the sieved flour and the Malibu.
Garnish the pre-cooked sweet dough cases with cream of almond and finish cooking the whole in an oven at 170°C for about 15 min.
Keep in a cool place before assembling.

Mango cream

Mango puree 450 g
Whole eggs 180 g
Sugar 160 g
Butter 180 g
Gelatine in leaves 9 g


Mix the mango, sugar and eggs in a casserole and bring the mix to a boil.
Add the gelatine (pre-soaked in cold water) strain the whole.
When the mix is at 35-38°C, add the butter and mix the whole by hand.
Pour in silicone moulds 5 cm in diameter, 30 g per mould.
Then place on a Joconde biscuit disc of the same diameter and freeze the whole at -30°C.

Vietnam Mousse

Fresh Cream 35% 250 g
Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73 230 g
Whipped cream 250 g


Make a ganache with fresh cream and Belcolade Origins Vietnam 73.
When the ganache is at 38°C, add the whipped cream and mix with a Maryse.
Now pour this mousse in half-sphere moulds 6 cm in diameter, 20 g per mould.
Then insert the frozen mango creams directly until the mousse reaches the rim of the ½ sphere mould.
Freeze immediately afterwards at -30°C

Mild Almond Praline Icing

Whole milk 200 g
PatisFrance Praliné Amande Doux 59% 500 g
Glucose 300 g
Gelatine leaves 10 g
Lyposoluble yellow colouring agent 20 g


Mix and heat the egg with the glucose. Then pour the 59% PatisFrance Praliné Amande Doux.
Add the pre-softened gelatine and yellow colouring agent.
Mix the whole with a hand-held mixer and strain immediately afterwards.
Keep at 4°C covered with a plastic film.
For optimal use, do not heat the icing at more than 36°C, and always on a frozen medium free of any condensation.

Assembly and finishing

Belcolade Noir Selection, C501/J QS
Ice the Vietnam mango half spheres with Mild Almond Praline Icing.
Then put them on the sweet dough cases garnished with coconut cream.
Decorate with a fluted ring in Belcolade Noir Selection.
Sprinkle with gold flakes to finish
Keep at +4°C.