This application is made using 2 recipes

  1. Pistache Lime Cardamon Brownie
  2. Chocolate topping

1. Pistache Lime Cardamon Brownie

Butter 300 g
Sugar 525 g
Vanilla pod 1 pc
Salt 3 g
Egg 240 g
Belcolade Origins Peru 64 195 g
Baking powder 3 g
Flour 300 g
PatisFrance Pistaches Vertes (chopped) 195 g
Lime juice 2 pc
Sugar 75 g


Melt the Belcolade Origins Peru 64. Soften the butter, add the sugar, salt and vanilla and mix with a flat beater. Then add the eggs bit by bit. Add the chopped pistachio nuts to the melted chocolate, mix it with the previous preparation and add the sieved flour and baking powder. As soon it is a homogeneous paste stop mixing. Spread out on a baking tray and bake 27 min. at 170 °C.
Make a syrup of the lime juice and the sugar. When the brownie comes out of the oven, pour the syrup on top of the brownie. Let it cool down at ambient temperature.

2. Chocolate topping

Belcolade Origins Peru 64 250 g
Fresh Cream 35 % 125 g
Cardamon seed 4 g


Crush the cardamom seeds in the mortar and heat up together with the cream till 85 °C. Sieve and pour onto the Belcolade Origins Peru 64. Mix with a hand mixer to obtain a homogeneous topping. When the brownie has cooled down, cover with the topping and place in the fridge. Cut in the desired shape.