Blanc Passion

D This application is made up (6 circles of Ø 16cm) using 7 recipes

  1. Apricot Compote
  2. Custard Cream
  3. Passion Fruit Coulis
  4. Hazelnut biscuit
  5. Cristaline White
  6. White Chocolate Mousse
  7. White Chocolate Velvet Spray

1. Apricot Compote

PatisFrance Abricots de Maroc - 1400 gr
Suiker - 400 gr
Glucose - 400 gr


Boil the ingredients like a compote.

2. Custard Cream

Vanillestokjes - 3 gr
Suiker - 41 gr
Volle melk - 368 gr
Verse room 35% - 37 gr
Suiker - 42 gr
Maïszetmeel - 29 gr
Eierdooier - 79 gr


Prepare like a traditional custard cream.

3. Passion Fruit Coulis

PatisFrance Starfruit Fruit de la passion - 170 gr
Suiker - 25 gr
Gelatinepoeder - 5 gr
Water - 30 gr


Heat up the PatisFrance Starfruit Fruit de la passion with the sugar. Mix the gelatin with the water. Add the gelatin to the PatisFrance Starfruit Fruit de la passion. Take 200g of the apricot compote and mix with 35g of Passion Fruit Coulis and mix them together. Pipe it in a Flexipan® circle of Ø 14cm. Freeze.

4. Hazelnut biscuit

Poedersuiker - 100 g
PatisFrance Noisette Blanchies Poudre - 100 g
Eieren - 80 g
Eierdooier - 55 g
Eiwit - 180 g
Suiker - 65 g
Bloem - 80 g


Whip the egg whites with the sugar. Sieve the sugar, PatisFrance Noisettes Blanchies Poudre and flour. Add the eggs and egg yolks to the whipped egg whites. Incorporate in this preparation the mixture of the sugar, PatisFrance Noisettes Blanchies Poudre and flour. Pipe circles of Ø 14cm and 1.6cm height. Bake 20 min at 180°C.

5. Cristaline White

Belcolade Origins Dominican
Republic 31 - 75 gr
Feuilletine - 40 gr
Boter - 105 gr


Mix the melted Belcolade Origins Dominican Republic 31 with the feuilletine and the butter. Spread it out on the Hazelnut Biscuit.

6. Witte Chocolate Mousse

Banketbakkersroom - 330 g
Belcolade Blanc Selection X605/JorG - 660 g
Verse room 35% - 990 g
Gelatinepoeder - 3 g
Water - 15 g


Mix the custard cream with the melted Belcolade Blanc Selection X605/J. Cool down with the flat beater. Whip the fresh cream. Mix the gelatin powder with the water and melt. Add the gelatin to the custard cream. Add the whipped fresh cream by using a spatula.

7. Witte Chocolate Velvet Spray

Belcolade Origins Dominican Republic 31 100 gr
Belcolade PPP Cacao Butter 100 gr 


Melt the Belcolade Origins Dominican Republic 31 and the Belcolade PPP Cacao Butter together. Mix together. Final Assembly Build up upside down. First a layer of the White chocolate mousse, then the abricot compote and passion fruit coulis. Again another layer of the white chocolate mousse and then the cristaline white with the hazelnut biscuit. Freeze. After freezing spray with the white chocolate velvet spray.